Getting Started

The first step is signing up on the website, that’s where you’ll create your account.From your account you’ll be able to do everything from updating payment info to viewing the photos of your possessions to scheduling a delivery. If you need assistance you can always call 201-386-1177 for help.

Check out these frequently asked questions here and if you’re really stuck, get in touch with our customer service team by emailing contactus@storagebluenow.com or calling us at 201-386-1177.

In New York; the five borrows; New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and the The Bronx. In New Jersey; Bergen County, Hudson County and Essex County.


Our convenient, one-size-fits-most bin is: Dimensions: 21-7/8 x 15-1/4 x 12-7/8 Volume: 2 cu. ft. (17.2 gal.) Capacity: 40 lbs.

We’ll store anything… you know besides live animals and toxic waste… and food… food’s a BIG NO NO! Please check out our Get Started section for sizing and pricing. If you are not sure about what size item to choose give us a call 201-386-1177 or email us at contactus@storagebluenow.com

Yes. For safety reasons we prohibit the storage of the following: any food, anything alive, liquids, pressurized contents, perishable items, hazardous materials, explosives or illegal substances.

We do not recommend storing the following Invaluable or irreplaceable property, as well as gold, silver, coins, precious stones, furs, passports, money, bank notes, engines, any valuable electronics, etc.  Just becasue we can’t replace them.


If you aren’t sure, just ask us by emailing contactus@storagebluenow.com.

Yes. We require that our bins weigh no more than 40 lbs. each. This is to ensure that the bins can be safely loaded, delivered and stored.

No. Cause our bins are better than yours! We require our customers use the commercial grade plastic StorageBlue Now bins, since they’re specially designed for efficient pickup, delivery and safe storage. It’s part of what lets us bring you such an awesome storage service.

Yes. Just tell us in advance. Our system can efficiently handle any and all of your personal storage needs. If we feel your items would be a better fir for our parent company StorageBlue, we’ll help set you up with a storage unit.

It’s easy! Just login to your StorageBlue Now account, you you’ll be able to see pictures of your bins or items. You can privately name the bins/items and write your own brief description/ Please allow 48 hours for your pictures to be uploaded to the site.

You can always take your own picture too!

Now that’s asking too much! We can transport and store your possessions but we do not pack anything for you.


Yes to both. Our bins are made with commercial grade, HDPE plastic. They are designed for active use for up to ten years and are 100% recyclable. We go green here at blue!

Yes. We use the American made Ford Transit with its 3.5L Ecoboost. Our vans exceed all environmental requirements. We keep them on full, scheduled maintenance to ensure the energy efficiency and low emissions continue throughout their service life.

Pricing & Billing

Very well but different. According to the Self-Storage Industry Association, the average customer spent about $182 per month last year on self-storage. In most cases StorageBlue Now is a lot cheaper than a traditional storage unit. Especially if you’re only storing a few things. Not to mention StorageBlue Now is more convenient than traditional self-storage.

Think you’ll need a storage unit? Head to storageblue.com to reserve today!

Yes, All orders have a 3 month minimum which is charged upfront. You can order your stuff back at anytime but you are responsible for the first 3 months.

We have a 3 month minimum stay. If you need a bin or item back within that time frame simply go online and schedule a delivery for that item or bin. If you order all your bins/items back and terminate your account you are responsible for the 3 month storage fees.

Yes, We have a minimum order of 4 bins.

Pick-ups are always free (With a $15 toll cahrge for New York Customers) but each delivery costs a $25 flat rate. Sales tax will be added where applicable.

It’s all done automatically by debit or credit card. When you first sign up, and before you can schedule a pickup or delivery, you’ll be required to provide your billing address, enter your debit or credit card, and accept our customer agreement. This is all done easily and securely in the “Account” section of the site. Then we’ll just automatically bill your card for each order (i.e., monthly storage fee, delivery fee, or optional insurance) and send you an email receipt with details. You can view all of your “Orders” on our website and resend your email receipts. We do bill upfront to cover your first 3 months and then you are on auto pay after that.

No. We charge by the whole month.

Login to your account on the StorageBlue Now website, you can also do it whenever scheduling a pickup or delivery as we display your current information.

You will have 7 days to update your information before you are charged a $15 late fee. We will notify you by phone and email if your payment does not go through.

After 30 days of non-payment your things are legally considered abandoned and are eligible for auction. We will give you 60 days to update your credit card information or send in a payment. If your things are put up for auction we will contact you and a $75 auction fee will be added to you past due balance in order to regain access to your things.

This is why its VERY IMPORTANT to update your contact information.

Security & Privacy

Yes. StorageBlue NOW bins are made of high-quality, commercial grade plastic with two padlock holes (one on each end). Your driver will provide you with a special security seal to apply. You may also use your own lock on the bin if it fits. Your bins will only be handled by our bonded drivers and warehouse employees and stored at our secure facilities with 24 hour surveillance cameras.

We store your possessions at our self-owned secure, temperature-controlled StorageBlue warehouses that are monitored 24×7. Access is restricted to only StorageBlue NOW staff. Our warehouse is located at 3322 Hudson Ave, Union City, New Jersey.

Yes, but to maintain the security of your possessions and the efficiency of the StorageBlue NOW system, you must call ahead, come in with an ID and the credit card we have on file. There is also a $5 cut seal fee per bin or item, since we will have to replace the original seal and update it in our system.

Only if you purchase our $12 RoyalBlue Protection your items will be covered up to $1,000. You can also contact your homeowners or renters insurance to see if they cover items in storage.

Yes, you may purchase our RoyalBlue Protection which is a $12 monthly fee. This covers you up to $1,000. Simply call 201-386-1177 and let us know you’d like to add protection.

No, unless we are required to by law or we have a reason to believe you are storing a prohibited item. Otherwise, it’s none of our business.

Do we look like your insurance agent?Ask if your policy covers items stored at locations other than your home.

Pickups & Deliveries

StorageBlue NOW is available to pick up or deliver; Monday – Saturday, 8am – 6pm.  And Sunday’s 10am to 6pm. Service is provided in three hour windows such as 3-6 pm. When we drop the bins off you have 1-2 hours to pack depending on the amount ordered.

Pick up & Delivery times are subject to availability.

It’s easy, just go to the StorageBlue NOW website and click on either pickup or deliver. Next you click on the bins and other possessions you want then choose a day and time. It’s really easy and only takes a minute or two.

If you can’t get to the website you can always call 201-386-1177

Call us at 201-386-1177.  We’ll do our very best to get your bins back to you. However we cannot guarantee this, as we require a minimum of 48 hours notice.

We generally prefer that pickups or deliveries are scheduled 48 hours in advance.

The website will only let you schedule 48 hours in advance.

Yes. After you schedule your order we will send you an email confirmation as well as give you a courtesy call to ensure the date, time, contact info and order is correct.  Next we’ll send you an email reminder the day before your scheduled service. On the day of the scheduled service you will receive a call from our customer service rep to give you the driver’s ETA.

Yes. If you invite them into your home they will be happy to retrieve your bins and bulky items from most locations.

You can schedule them as often as you’d like.

It is like having a secret closet at your fingertips!

Absolutely. Using the website you can easily change the bins and other items; or change the date and time.  You can also make some changes when the driver arrives as they typically have extra empty bins or capacity to pick up more items.

You may cancel a delivery up to 2 hours before the window. If you cancel during or 2 hours before your pickup/delivery you may be subject to a cancellation fee. Gas and tolls ain’t free people!

No, drop offs and pick ups must be done in the same day, same appointment window.

Yes! That is how we operate. The driver can wait 1-2 hours depending on how many you ordered.

Yes, or you must make arrangements to have someone there on your behalf there. This can be a doorman, a neighbor, your second cousin three times removed. As long as you have someone there to accept the bins or send off the items we will pick up/drop off.

No. Your driver is a professional and paid accordingly. They will not accept tips. Instead they would ask you to share your service experience with your friends by posting a review on social media.

Yes. You can change your service address at any time on the website by going to your Account. You will have the ability to change it each time you schedule an order.

Log on to our website, storagebluenow.com, then select the bins or possessions you want delivered, then select a convenient delivery day and time. It’s really easy and typically takes less than a minute.

No, StorageBlue NOW only picks up and delivers bins that we keep at our secure warehouse.